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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Preparations to Move

Momma, it's warm here. You SHUUUH you want to leave?
Right now we're just waiting for the final orders so that we can line up the movers, the passports, the housing, the trip itinerary, the house/car insurance swap-overs, and it feels like the list goes on forever. We are trying to have things lined up so that when the orders come in we'll be ready to hit the ground running -- straight to Alaska!  We're taking this adventure all the way to "the end of the road" literally and could not be more excited.  Today Garrett turned 11 months old and it's sad that he's leaving all his grandparents but what a cool thing to give your kids - pictures of him and Ellie out feeding berries to the bears, ice fishing with some eskimo friends, shooting their first muskets, riding bareback on some random moose in our front yard, playing on 150 lb cabbages, writing on our driveway with chalk at 1am becuase the sun is still up and nobody can sleep.  They might be too young to remember it but they won't be lacking in pictures to look at later and probably think "man, why didn't our crazy parents wait until we were older to take us to Alaska??" We can't wait!

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